Reclaiming space

Entering the reign of equality IT starts with one - a quiet murmur, barely audible. A slow trickle, like a creek, dragging it’s liquid limbs toward the river, toward the ocean, to create a roaring wave of bodies; a throng fighting for justice, begging for equality. This September, more than 10,000 LGBQTIQA+ will make their way to Brisbane Pride Festival events being held across the capital - activating their communities and reclaiming space. One of the most anticipated events of 2017 Pride is the Rally and March, kicking off at 9.30am on September 23 Brunswick Street, between Maclachlan and Ann Streets. There will be a myriad of free events held post-march including in West End where the Peo

Eat Street's eclectic taste of Tasmania

Photo: Supplied A healthy dose of community spirit THE bright lights and gentle hum of Launceston’s High Street warm the winter evenings as groups gather alongside the regular food vans on Eat Street. Situated parallel to St George's Square, the foodie paradise has fast become a hub for the local community to get together and grab a bite to eat before heading to the adjoining park. From Mexico to Turkey, Canada and France, there is something for everyone along the local streetscape. Sweet and savoury scents fill the air; an eclectic mix of handmade delicacies influenced by cultures from across the globe. Yusuf Karazor has run the ‘Turkish Tukka’ van on High Street for the past three years, s

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